CCN Cycling Team

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Name of the team : CCN Cycling Team
Country : Brunei Brunei

This is the first year for CCN Cycling Team being organized as a continental team based in Brunei.

With the help from sponsors CCN and EM2 and the help from the cycling federation of Brunei we had the opportunity to built up a continental team out of the club team we had before running.

It all started in 2007 when our team first raced in Cameroon riding Chantal Biya where we won with Peter van Agtmaal. Following years we were able to win races and participating in races on all continents, with wins in tour of Laos, sprint jersey in tour of Philippines and tour of Singkarak and numerous wins and top 3 places.

This all with the help of CCN during all those years and also for some years sponsors like Colossi and Challenge we were able to develop our team in what now is the first Brunei based continental team CCN Cycling Team.

The team is a mix of experienced older riders and young talented Asian riders who will get the opportunity to improve their skills and experiences. Focus will be the Asian UCI races, but if we get the opportunity we will also participate in races in Europe.

Titular riders
1. Hari Fitrianto (INA19850620)
2. Fito Bakdo Prilanji (INA19920405)
3. Caleb Jones (AUS19880925)
4. Rob Gitelis (USA19671023)
5. Lee Ki Suk (KOR19880928)

Replacement riders
1. Lex Nederlof (NED19660610)
2. Yin Chih Wang (TPE19881021)

team manager(s) at the event:
1. Jamal Mutaqin (INA19771217)