Dome Coffees Australia Cycling Team

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Name of the team : Dome Coffees Australia Cycling Team
Country : Australia Australia

The Dome Coffees Cycling team is a new elite cycling team based in Perth, Western Australia. The team boasts an exciting roster comprised of experienced international racers and young cyclists who are making a name for themselves in Australian races and in Asia.

The team is sponsored by West Australia’s most famous café business Dome Coffees. Dome has cafés in Australia, Malaysia, Phillipines, UAE, Singapore, Bahrain and the Maldives.

In 2013 the team will compete in several international races and will continue to make an impact on the cycling scene in Australia.

Titular riders
1. Mathew Upton (AUS19760622)
2. Jonathan Bolton (AUS19890803)
3. Stuart Passmore (AUS19751216)
4. Luke Ellis (AUS19810617)
5. Toby Brown (AUS19810619)

Replacement riders
1. Carlo Barendilia (AUS19801126)
2. Andy Williams (AUS19870819)

team manager(s) at the event:
1. Troy Blizard
2. Travis Kean
3. Jonathan Stacey