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Name of the Team : TEAM UKYO
Country : Japan

ukyo jerseyTeam UKYO cycling team was founded in 2012 by the Japanese Formula One driver Mr Ukyo KATAYAMA. The team based in Magino of Kanagawa prefecture.

Team Ukyo lead the national championship with strong rider like Doi Yukihiro ( 2012 national Champion ) and the new comer Jose TORIBIO (Spain ).
The main sponsor is ZENRIN co.,Ltd the most famous and old company who lead in map and digital navigation map in Japan.

Other important and big company like Yoshinoya, Yokohama or Goodsmile company support the team. For the team Tour of Est Java will be the 1st race in Asia outside of Japan and we are very exciting to race in Est Java Indonesia.

Team representative (name + address)
TEAM UKYO KATAYAMA PLANNING Co.,Ltd 201-1-2-8 Tomigaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan

Titular riders
1. VICENTE Jose (ESP19851222)
2. DOI Yukihiro (JPN19830918)
3. HIRAI Eiichi (JPN1990111)
4. YAMAMOTO Shun (JPN1992102)
5. SUMIYOSHI Kota (JPN1991070)

Replacement riders
1. KANO Tomoya (JPN19730714)
2. MINATO Ryo (JPN19920402)